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SR77 Magnescale
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This slim type magnetic scale system that outputs position signals for machine tools and other equipment that require high-precision positioning.

  • Maximum resolution:0.01μm
  • Accuracy(20℃):(3+3L/1,000)μm p-p, (5+5L/1,000)μm p-p[L:Measuring length]
  • Measuring length(L):70mm~2,040mm
  • Response speed:200m/min
  • Protocol : FANUC, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, YASKAWA


Measuring length(L)70~2040mm(26types), 70, 120, 170, 220, 270, 320, 370, 420, 470, 520, 570, 620, 720, 770, 820, 920, 1020, 1140, 1240, 1340, 1440, 1540, 1640, 1740, 1840, 2040mm
Thermal expansion coefficient12±1 × 10-6/ ℃
Output signalAbsolute serial bidirectional signal, compliant with EIA-485
Accuracy(20℃)(3+3L/1,000)μm p-p or (5+5L/1,000)μm p-p L:Measuring length(mm)
ResolutionSelectable from 0.01/0.05/0.1/0.5/1 μm(Set at factory shipping)
Zero Count PositionCenter position(Standard)
Power supply voltageDC4.75-5.25V(At cable connection end)
Consumption current200mA(at 120 Ω terminal)or less
Inrush current2A or less(When the power supply rise time is 10 ms:10ms)
Maximum response speed200m/min(User-selected resolution setting)
Vibration resistance 150m/s2(50Hz~3kHz)
Impact resistance350m/s2(11ms)
Protective design gradeIP54(Air purge not included), IP65((Air purge included)
Other protectionsOil lubricant can also be used under severe environmental conditions.
Power supply protectionIn the case of errors such as a reverse-connected power supply or over-voltage, the internal fuse is cut to protect the power being supplied and wiring.
Safety standardsFCC Part15 Subpart B Class A. ICES-003 Class A Digital Device. EN55011 Gp1 Class A, EN61000-6-2. Safety standards not applicable (60 V DC or less).
Operating temperature(℃)0 ~+50℃
Storage temperature(℃)-20 ~+55℃
Mass Approx. 0.27kg + 1.36kg/m
Slider sliding resistance1N or less
Cable Specifications

※Please consult with our sales for the cable length other than above.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

DescriptionCable with open endCable with open end
Length3, 5, 10, 15m


Product name2D3D
SR77 007 007L 007R 007L 007R
SR77 012 012L 012R 012L 012R
SR77 017 017L 017R 017L 017R
SR77 022 022L 022R 022L 022R
SR77 027 027L 027R 027L 027R
SR77 032 032L 032R 032L 032R
SR77 037 037L 037R 037L 037R
SR77 042 042L 042R 042L 042R
SR77 047 047L 047R 047L 047R
SR77 052 052L 052R 052L 052R
SR77 057 057L 057R 057L 057R
SR77 062 062L 062R 062L 062R
SR77 072 072L 072R 072L 072R
SR77 077 077L 077R 077L 077R
SR77 082 082L 082R 082L 082R
SR77 092 092L 092R 092L 092R
SR77 102 102L 102R 102L 102R
SR77 114 114L 114R 114L 114R
SR77 124 124L 124R 124L 124R
SR77 134 134L 134R 134L 134R
SR77 144 144L 144R 144L 144R
SR77 154 154L 154R 154L 154R
SR77 164 164L 164R 164L 164R
SR77 174 174L 174R 174L 174R
SR77 184 184L 184R 184L 184R
SR77 204 204L 204R 204L 204R

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Product nameJapaneseEnglishDeutschSimplified ChineseTraditional Chinese
SR77CH33 Download Download Download

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SR77 SeriesJapaneseSR77 Catalog Japanese PDF
SR77 SeriesEnglishSR77 Catalog English PDF

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