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SET-HD100 Laserscale
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Self-compensating rotary encoder system that can be used as a calibration reference for a rotational axis while compensating for any errors in the installation tolerance.

  • High angular accuracy [±0.2 arcsec] resulting from a Magnescale algorithm with 0.0012 arcsec resolution
  • High reproducibility: Non contact design enables accurate measurements that are not affected by variations in installation tolerances
  • Easy installation: Only 15 minutes from installation to measurement
  • Portable measurement kit: Compact and easy to carry


Main specification

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Model nameSET-HD100
Detecting radius41.723 mm
Maximum rotary response speed10 min-1
Number of scale wavelengths220 (1,048,576) / revolution
Scale signal resolution1.236” arcsec
Accuracy±0.2” arcsec
Reference point1 point
Output formatUSB interface
Interpolation factor210 (1,024) / revolution
Total number of divisions230 (1,073,741,824) / revolution
Signal Output resolution0.0012” arcsec
Number of sensors 6 sensors / unit
Light sourceSemiconductor laser × 6
Wave length790 nm, 5 mW or less / sensor
Radiation powerEN60825: class 3B, JIS: class 3B, DHHS: class IIIb
Operating temperature+10 to +30 ℃ (no condensation)
Storage temperature0 to +50 ℃ (no condensation)
Power supply voltageDC 20 to 24 V / 5 A (Max. 8 A)
Dimension/MassScale unit: Φ100×H8.5 mm / 300 g or less
Head unit: Φ180×H46 mm / 3.8 kg or less
Interpolator unit: 298×210×110 mm / 5kg or less


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