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RU77 Magnescale
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  • Magnetic system enables use even in environments with condensation, oil, and other adverse conditions
  • Enables direct communication using the protocol of each
    supporting manufacturer without the requirement of an amplifier
  • Internal coupling allows for design and mounting flexibility



Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Model nameRU77 - 4096A□△
Output wave number4,096 waves/revolution
Through hole diameter Φ20 mm
Accuracy(at 20℃)±2.5"
Output signalAbsolute serial bidirectional signal, compliant with EIA-485
Compatible controllersFANUC Mitsubishi Electric Yaskawa Electric
Maximum resolution25bit (33,554,432 pulse/revolution)
Maximum response revolutions 2,000 min-1
Maximum mechanical revolutions 3,000 min-1
Functional safety
Legal complianceFCC Part15 Subpart B Class A and ICES-003 Class A Digital Device
and EN55011 Gp 1 Class A, EN 61000-6-2 Safety standards not applicable (60 V DC or less)
Operating temperature range0 to +60℃
Storage temperature range-10 to +60℃
Vibration resistance150 m/s2 (50 Hz to 2 kHz)
Impact resistance1,000 m/s2 (11 ms)
Protective design gradeIP65
Power supply voltage rangeDC4.75-5.25 V (with connecting terminal)
Consumption current200mA(at 120Ω termination)
Moment of inertia9.4×10-5 kgm2 or less
Starting torque (at 20°C)0.1 Nm or less
MassApprox. 1.2kg or less
Standard compatible cableCH33-***, CE28-***
Maximum cable lengthCH33-***:30m, CE28-***:15m


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Installation Manual

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Specifications Manual

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RU77-4096A□A Download Download Download
RU77-4096ADF Download Download Download
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