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MG40Digital Gauge

MG40 Digital Gauge
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MG40 series, new measurement system integrates the primary functions of a counter into the gauge itself to a high degree. The MG40 series does not have to count analog outputs or AB phase outputs of the gauge and acquires positional information directly via full digital communication. The theoretical response speed is 20 times faster than the response speed of our previous models. Miscounts, caused by external noise, are eliminated and the system is capable of instantly recovering from a communication error by way of re-reads.

  • Ethernet and CC-Link models are available
  • High-speed and highly reliable communication shortens cycle times
    • High-speed communication via Ethernet
    • Communication error detection
    • High-speed RISC processor dedicated to communication
    • Our proprietary high-speed processor for multi-axis data processing
    • Newly developed ASIC
  • Quick and simple wiring connections
    • Connection via a hub
    • PLC connections
    • Acquiring individual gauge information
    • DIN rail mount and frontal connections
  • Maximized system efficiency
    • On the path to a revolution in quality
    • High-speed measurements enable shorter cycle time
    • Lower overall system costs
  • Specifications


    Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

    No. of connectable measuring unitsEntire system1 to 100 units (Connection disabled aft er connection of 101st unit.)Up to 24 connected MG42 hub units
    MG41main unit0~4units 
    MG42hub unit0~4units 
    Connectable measuring units DK800A/DK800B series, DK10, DK25, DK50, DK100, DK110, DK155, DK205 
    Connection cable length Between MG41 main unit and MG42 hub unit
    Total cable length from MG41 main unit: Maximum 30 m(Maximum current: 4 A or less)
    Resolution  Settable output data resolution and display resolution 
    Measuring unitsResolution(Input resolution)0.1μm0.1μm0.5μm1μm5μm10μm 
    Measuring unit data import capacitydata transfer10MbpsMaximum 10The data for one axis is counted as one data.
    Peak hold function Calculation of maximum value 
     Peak value is not updated during pause. 
     Output and display data are not updated during latching (internal data is updated) 
     Recalculation of peak value is started by start function. 
    Output dataSingle axisCurrent value 
    Addition and subtractionCurrent valueSingle axis calculation of an addition / subtraction axis is not possible(for preventing inconsistencies in calculation).
    Conparetor function  Data for each axis (single axis 
    Comparator setting values 2values4values8values16values 
    No. of setting value groups 16groups8groups4groups2groups 
    Ethernet 100Base-T (compliant with IEEE 802.3) 100 Mbps/10 Mbps/1 Mpbs (Auto-negotiation) Command input 
    Reset function Current value for each axis is reset (by command). 
    Preset function Value is preset to the current value of each axis (by command). 
    Datum point setting function Datum point of each axis can be set (by command).When master calibration function is not used
    Reference point function Reference point can be used to relocate the datum point of each axis (by command).
    Master calibration function Reference point can be used to perform master calibration for each axis (by command). 
    Measuring unit product information The product information of the connected measuring unit can be acquired. 
    Command/setting enabled or disabled for each communication line  EthernetCC-Link 
    CommandReset function 
    Preset function 
    Datum point setting functionWhen master calibration function is not used
    Reference point function
    Master calibration function 
    Comparator value setting 
    Comparator group number setting 
    Data outputCurrent value・Peak value( All axis)× 
    Current value・Peak value( each unit) 
    Comparator result 
    Alarm( data transfer・Measuring units) 
    Soft ware version 
    Measuring unit product information 
    Comparator resultInput resolution 
    Axis addition 
    Comparator mode (2, 4, 8, or 16 values in 1 group) 
    Power supplyPower supply voltageTerminal inputDC12~24V(11~26.4V)Use a power supply with a current that is 4 A or higher. (Recommended: +24 V) (for every six MG42 hub units)
    Power consumptionNote the connection conditions.System total: Max. current 4A 
    When the maximum current is exceeded 
    MG41 main unit : 4 W
    Operating temperature/humidity 0~+50℃(non condensing) 
    Storage temperature/humidity -10~+60℃(20~90%RH) 
    Mass MG41:300g MG42:250g 


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    MG40 SeriesJapaneseMG40 Catalog Japanese PDF
    MG40 SeriesEnglishMG40 Catalog English PDF

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