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MG10A/20A/30Digital Gauge

MG10A/20A/30 Digital Gauge
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Flexible digital gauge system for multi-point measuring.

  • Up to 64 connectable gauges
  • Input resolutions : 0.1μm, 0.5μm, 1μm, 5μm, and 10μm.
  • Compatible with RS-232C, BCD
  • Operating voltage : 12-24VDC
  • DIN rail mounting (35mm)


MG10A series Specifications

*1 Total power of modules connected to MG10A should not be over 54W (12VDC Input) or 108 W (24VDC Input).

MG10A-P1 MG10A-P2
Power Power supply Power supply voltage DC12~24V(11~26.4V) Min. startup time: :100ms or less
Power consumption2.0W +total power consumption for connected modules*1
Imrush current(10ms ) 10A or less(when maximum number of modules are connected)
Power supply reverse connection preventionFuse(5A fuse is built in.)
CommunicationI/F input/ output circuitRS‐ 232C(Conforms to EIA-232C)
Baud rate setting2400/9600/19200/38400 bps(set with DIP switch)
Data length7/8bit(set with DIP switch)
Stop bit1/2bit(set with DIP switch)
ParityNone/ODD/EVEN(set with DIP switch)
DelimiterCR/CR+LF(set with DIP switch)
Linkage functionMaximum number of linkages max.16(total of counter modules 64)
Maximum length of linking cablemax.10m
Input formatsource input(+COM)sink input(-COM)
Photo coupler insulation DC 5~24V
Output formatsink type(-COM)source type(+COM )
Photo coupler insulation DC 5~24V
Input signalreset, pause, start, latching, and data out trigger to whole channels
Output signalintegrated alarm
Connectable modulesCounter modules MG20A-DK, MG20A-DG, MG20A-DT (available for mixed use, up to 16 modules)*1
Interface modulesMG30‐ B1, MG30‐B2*1
AccessoryLZ61: Link cable (1m)
MG20A series Specifications

*2 Set the resolution value of the connected gauge.

*3 MG20A-DG work only connect to DL**BR series

Model MG20A-DK MG20A-DG MG20A-DT
Power consumption0.8W+total power consumption for connected measuring units1.4W(when connected DG-B series)
0.5W(when connected DL-B series)
Measuring unit inputConnectable measuring units DK series(A/B quadrature input)DG**B series, DL**B/DL**BR seriesDT series
Allowable resolution setting*210/5/1/0.5/0.1μm10/5/0.5μm5μm(DT12/32)
set with DIP switch
Maximum response speedSubject to the specification of the connected gauge 1.6m/s
Reference point*3REF-LED (reference point loaded) shows on the display after the reference point is detected. Set "0" or preset value on the counter when the reference point is detected.-
OthersAlarmS-ALM LED activates by excess speed / acceleration of measuring unit.
C-ALM LED activates by excess speed of the internal circuit of counter.
Alarm display is cancelled by reset command from MG10A or with the reset button of main unit.
MG30 series Specifications
Power consumption1W
I/OInput formatsource input(+COM)sink input(-COM)
Photo coupler insulation DC 5~24V
Output formatsink type(-COM)source type(+COM)
Photo coupler insulation DC 5~24V
Input signal DRQ, channel address, measuring mode shifting, comparator shifting, reset, start/latch, posing, reference point loaded
Output signal BCD data (6 digits), READY, code, GO/NO GO output, alarm, reference point loaded
Output setting timer (1~128ms)/OUT/OR, polarity (set with internal DIP switch)
MGseries specifications

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Operating temperature/humidity0~+50℃(non condensing)
Storage temperature/humidity-10~+60℃(20~90%RH)


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