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LT80/MG80-MA/MG80-CM/MG80-LMDigital Gauge

LT80/MG80-MA/MG80-CM/MG80-LM Digital Gauge
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LT80 Clear and easy to use HMI functions

  • 7-inch touch screen LCD display
  • Multiple measurement modes (current value, MIN, MAX P-P, ADD/SUB.) Can be used for defective part identification, trend management, part sorting and tolerance judgement by using 2 or 4 state comparator function
  • Displays I/O status
  • Three data storage and parameter setting options (SD card, USB, and Ethernet)
  • Multiligual support (Japanese, English, German)

MG80 Expandable multi-axis measurement module system

  • Connect up to 32 Magnescale DK- or DT-series gauges (via MT adaptor)
  • DIN rail mount for easy installation (MG80 and LZ80)
  • High speed latch (via MG80-LM latch module)
    • -Synchronized angle and position measurement is available*1 by connecting a linear or rotary encoder*2
    • *1 16 axes max.
    • *2 Requires A/B Quadrature encoder signal (EIA-422 compliant).
    • -Latching data with specific angles or distances can be saved to the LT80.

LZ80 I/O module

  • Equipped with 8 inputs and 8 outputs
  • Functions can be assigned freely from LT80
  • Up to two MG80 I/O modules can be connected to one MG80-MA


Display unit
Power consumption14W or less
Maximum connectable units4 units of MG80-MA*1
Measurement screen Measurement display Display measurement values of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 16 channels, Alarm display, Comparator group, Measurement mode, Measurement bar graph, Reset, Preset
I/O informationI/O condition monitoring (All I/O of display unit and main module)
Setting menu Measuring unit setting Resolution, direction, with or without reference point connected to MG80-CM
Display setting Set number of channels to display: 2, 4, 8 or 16 channels
Measurement mode Measurement mode setting of each channel (current, MAX, MIN, P-P)
Comparator value setting 8 groups with 2 stages, or 8 groups with 4 stages per channel Default setting of each CH
I/O setting I/O function assignments of LT80-NE, I/O function assignments of connected LZ80-K, Reference point detection, Reset, Preset, Comparator output, Alarm, Reference point passed, Each channel address, Change measurement mode
Calculation Maximum of 16 combinations of add/subtract calculations per MG80-MA module
Maintenance displayMain body information, Service usage (Software update for LT80 and MG80)
General I/OPhoto coupler insulated 4 inputs and 4 outputs (functions set on main unit)
Interface connectorFor control: RJ45x1 (shielding compatible)
For data: RJ45x2 (shielding compatible)
SD card slot x 1, USB A connector x 1
Power input connectorTerminal block x 1 (3 poles), DC jack (EIAJ4) x 1

*1 When using LINK function of MG80-MA dedicated port and MG80-MA

Main module
Power consumption2.4W or less
Maximum connectable units16 MG80-CM units, 2 LZ80-K units*1
I/O7-pole connector Photo coupler insulated 4 input, 1 output
MG80-MA1: Current sinking type
MG80-MA2: Current source type
Interface connectorFor data: RJ45 x 2 (sheilding compatible)
Communication protocol100BASE-TX
Transmission speed100 Mbit/s
Maximum cable length20m (CAT5e shielding type recommended*2)
Setting menuRotary switch for setting unit number

*1 Per each MG80-MA1/MA2. Total system maximum: 4 MG80-MA1/MA2 units, 32 MG80-CM units, 8 LZ80-K units.
*2 The customer must provide the communication cables.

Counter module
Power consumption2.0W or less (Measuring unit excluded)
Compatible measuring unitsDK series, DT series (via MT)
AlarmFrequency response exceeded, Measuring unit not connected, Cable breakage
Latch module
Data refresh rates100µs (measured data acquisition only)
400µs (Applies to all functions such as reference point, calculations, comparator function, Max, Min and P-P)
Power consumption2.0W or less (Encoder excluded)
Encoder signal inputA/B/Z (reference point)
Voltage differential line receiver (EIA-422 compliant)
A / B signal input minimum phase difference50ns
Power supply for connected encoderDC5V 500mA (Max)
AlarmInput response frequency exceeded, encoder not connected, Cable breakage
I/O module
Power consumption2.0W or less
I/O9-pole connector × 2 Photo coupler insulated 8 input, 8 output
LZ80-K1: Current Sink
LZ80-K2: Current Source
Supply voltageDC10.8~26.4V
Operating temperature/humidity range0 to +50℃ (No condensation)
Storage temperature/humidity range−20 to +60℃ (20 to 90%RH)

*Please refer to the LT80 operation manual (Ver 1.04.00 or later) for details on the functions.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.


*Please contact our sales department.



Product nameJapaneseEnglishDeutschSimplified ChineseTraditional Chinese
LT80-NE Download Download      
MG80-MA1 / MG80-MA2 Download Download      
MG80-CM Download Download      
MG80-LM Download Download      
LZ80-K1 / LZ80-K2 Download Download      

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Operating manual

Product nameEnglishVersion
LT80-NE Download Ver 1.05.00US or later
Download Ver 1.05.00JP or later
LT80-NE Download Ver 1.04.00 or later
LT80-NE Download Ver 1.03.00US or later
LT80-NE Download Ver 1.02.00 or later

*Please contact us if you cannot find out the file.



LT80/MG80 SeriesJapaneseLT80/MG80 Catalog Japanese PDF
LT80/MG80 SeriesEnglishLT80/MG80 Catalog English PDF
LT80/MG80 SeriesDeutschLT80/MG80 Catalog Deutsch PDF

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