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LT10ADigital Gauge

LT10A Digital Gauge
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Compact, lightweight, and easy-to-mount counter.

  • Compact size : DIN standard (72 mm x 72 mm / 2.83" x 2.83" W x H)
  • Resolution : 5,10 μm Selectable
  • Suitable for panel mounting
  • Direct interfacing from display unit to PLC or computer
  • Current values, maximum, minimum, peak-to-peak values and GO/NO GO evaluation included as standard functions.
  • ADD/SUB function (2-channel model)
  • Full lineup for various applications



*1 I/O connector Input : Reset, peak-hold start, peak-hold pause, RS trigger (RS-232C models only) Output : Result evaluation (photocoupler)

*2 BCD (36 pin half-pitch connector) Input : Reset, peak-hold start, comparator value selection (4 settings) Output : five digits (open collector)One of current value/maximum value/minimum value/peak-to-peakvalue selected and output. Alerm output

*3 RS-232C (8 pin mini-DIN connector) Reset, preset value setting/recall, peak-hold start, peak-hold pause

*4 RS-TRG pin Trigger input for RS-232C data output

*5 With measuring unit connected.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Display6 digit backlit LCD, mode display
I/OMeasuring unit input1 CH2 CH
I/O connectors*1
Reset functionReset key or external input (I/O connectors)
-BCD terminalRS-232C command-BCD terminalRS-232C command
Preset functionPreset value set with preset key, recalled with reset key.
-Recalled with BCD reset terminalSet or recalled with RS-232C command-Recalled with BCD reset terminalSet or recalled with RS-232C command
Conparetor functionThree-level comparator Comparator value set with keys on the front panel. Result evaluation: LED and I/O connector output (photocoupler)
-Up to 4 values can be set for comparator (key input). Switched with BCD terminal.Set with RS-232C command-Up to 4 values can be set for comparator (key input). Switched with BCD terminal.Set with RS-232C command
ピークHold functionMaximum, minimum, and peak-to-peak values. Measuring started by the start input of the I/O connector; update stop by pause input.
--RS-232C can set or start.--RS-232C can set or start.
Resolution0.005 mm, 0.01 mmselectable
DirectionCan be switched
Reference point functionFunction use enabled/disabled can be selected (if use is enabled, the unit enters reference point signal input wait status at the same time as power-on).
Maximum response speed100 m/min100 m/min
Addition and subtraction function-A+B, A-B, B-A can be set with the direction setting.
AlarmSpeed over or measuring unit cable disconnected (Displayed on LCD or the I/O connector’s comparator outputs are all “H” (OFF).)
-BCD alarm terminal "H" (OFF)--BCD alarm terminal "H" (OFF)-
Data storageResolution, direction, comparator value, preset value, modes, etc.
-BCD signData signalling rate, etc.-BCD signData signalling rate, etc.
key lock functionkey lock and release.
TemperatureOperating:0~40℃, Storage:-10~50℃
Power consumption*51.8W2.9W2.0W2.3W4.0W2.5W
MassApprox. 200 gApprox. 230 gApprox. 220 gApprox. 210 gApprox. 270 gApprox. 230 g
Power supplyPower input connector (3 pins) : DC9.0-26.4 V
Compatible measuring unitDT12/32series


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