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LH71A Magnescale
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High performance counter for Mille and Lathe applications.

  • Counter for Milling machine and Lathe
  • Display Resolution Switching
  • Machine error compensation
  • Data Storage
  • Reset/Preset
  • Detecting Reference Point of Measurement Unit
  • Program function
  • Multi datum point
  • Scaling
  • Milling function (Bolt hole circle / Easy R cutting / Line hole)
  • Lathe function (Tool coordinating / Adding function)


Display7 digits and minus display
Connectable measuring unit GB-ER, PL20C,SJ700A (Direct) / DG-B (Necessary to use the conversion adaptor which is sold separately)
Measuring unit input resolutionStandard: 0.1 μm, 0.5 μm, 1 μm, 5 μm, 10 μm, 1 s, 10 s, 1 min, 10 min Expanded: 100 μm, 50 μm, 25 μm, 20 μm, 2 μm, 0.05 μm, 1 degree can be added
Display resolutionMeasuring unit input resolution or higher and diameter display (except for angle display)
Input signalA/B quadrature signal, Z signal
Minimum input phase difference100 ns
Quantization error±1 count
Alarm displayMeasuring unit disconnected, Excess speed, Maximum display amount exceeded, Power failure, Error in stored data
ResetResettable by key switch
PresetIt is possible to store/call 3 kinds of numbers.
Reference point detectionThe reference point of the measuring unit can be detected, and the datum point can be relocated (during connection of measuring unit with a reference point)
Data storageThe value displayed before the power was turned off and setting values are stored
Linear error compensationA fixed compensation is applied to the measuring unit's count value. Compensation amount Standard: ±600 um/m (Expanded: ±1000 um/m)
Segmented error compensationThe movement range of the measuring unit with a reference point can be divided into a maximum of 32 sections, and error compensation is performed for each of these sections. Compensation amount: ±600 um (at each section)
ScalingScaling factor:0.100000 ~ 9.999999
  • Machining coordinates can be programmed (number of program steps: 850 max.)
  • 1. Manual programming by key switch
  • 2. Automatic programming by playback
  • 3. Mirror image during program execution
  • 4. A canned cycle (bolt hole, line hole, simple R cutting) can be inserted in the program
Angle displayCan be displayed as an angle value when the Digiruler is pasted to the arc surface, and the diameter and Digiruler resolution are entered
SleepThe display is turned off when no operations are made for a preset time. (The time can be set.)
Power supplyDC 12 V Rating 0.75 A Max. 1 A AC 100 V to 240 V ±10 % When using the AC adaptor PSC-22 (For U.S. only) or PSC-23 (For Europe and other countries) *Option
Power consumptionmax.32 VA (connected at the AC adaptor.)
Operating temperature0 ~ 40°C (no condensation)
Storage temperature-20 ~ 60°C (no condensation)
MassApprox. 1.5 kg
When general-purpose applications or milling machine function are selected (General setting in the model type selection mode of the basic settings)
ModelLH71-1LH71-2 LH71-3
Multi datum point150
Bolt hole circle-Displays coordinates for opening equidistant holes along the perimeter of a designated diameter
Simple R cutting-Display coordinates for simple R cutting
Line hole-Displays coordinates for opening equidistant holes along a designated straight line
When lathe function is selected (Lathe setting in the model type selection mode of the basic settings)

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Model LH71-3
Display2-axis display (2-axis or 3-axis input)
Tool offset99
Measuring unit input addition2-axis addition display is available
Display holdThe displayed value can be held and the tool coordinate entered.


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Setup manual

Product nameInitial setupInitial setup (example)Display resolutionPresetTool offset functionSegmented error compensation
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