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  • Camshaft displacement measurement:Measuring the height of camshaft lobes and journals.

  • Measurement of material strength:Applicable for strength tests of various materials such as metal, resin materials and wood. Measuring unit is resistant to vibration.

  • Multipoint measurement of liquid crystal panels:Measurement can be conducted easily in a small space by using a slim-shape measuring unit with fixture.

  • Measurement of the height of high-density mounting wiring boards:High-density measurement is possible with a slim-shaped measuring unit.

  • Measurement of crimp height:Measures the calking height of crimp terminal.

  • Measurement of fastener height:Measures the height of screws in order to control the amount of torque.

  • Measurement of motor shaft deviation:Measurement of a high speed spinning object is possible by utilizing a vibrationresistant gauge.

  • Measurement of hard disc flatness:Measuring the flatness of mass-produced discs.