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DS812SDigital Gauge

DS812S Digital Gauge
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Easily connectable to a PC or powered USB hub. Slim 8mm body with 0.1 μm maximum resolution, and 80m/min maximum response speed.

  • Measuring range: 12mm
  • Accuracy: 1 μm (0.1 μm resolution), 1.5 μm (0.5 μm resolution)
  • Maximum resolution: 0.1 μm
  • Maximum response speed: 80 m/min
  • Built-in reference point
  • Excellent resistance to harsh environments
  • Flex resistant cable
  • 270 million strokes (As of May 2019, the gauges have reached 270 million strokes in an on going evaluation.)
  • Measurement software, USB drivers and software development files (OCX, Jscript, Excel VBA, etc.) available for download



*1 Except SVR/SVR5
*2 When air pressure is 0.055 Mpa

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Model nameDS812S□□RDS812S□□R5
Measuring range DS812S : 12 mm
Resolution 0.1 μm 0.5 μm
Accuracy(at 20°C)1 μm 1.5 μm
Measuring force
(at 20°C)
Upward DS812S:0.40±0.3 N*1
DS812SVR/DS812SVR5:0.60±0.5 N*2
Horizontal DS812S:0.50±0.3 N*1
DS812SVR/DS812SVR5:0.70±0.5 N*2
Downward DS812S:0.60±0.3 N*1
DS812SVR/DS812SVR5:0.80±0.5 N*2
Reference point1mm from extended position
Protection grade
(not including cable
and interpolation box)
IP67 (with air connected on right angle models)
Vibration resistance 100m/s2 (20Hz to 2kHz)
Impact resistance1,000m/s2 (11ms)
Operating temperature0 to +50℃(No condensation)
Storage temperature-20 to +60℃(90%RH or less)
Power supply5 VDC ± 5%
Power consumption 120mA Max.
Mass(Probe)Approximately 30g
Cable length Gauge⇔Interpolator : 2 m Interpolator⇔USB : 0.5 m
FeelerCarbide ball tip, mounting screw M2.5 Steel ball tip, mounting screw M2.5
Communication InterfaceUSB2.0FS
Recommended system
CPU : Intel Core i3 or higher
RAM : 1 GB or more
OS : Windows7, Windows10(32 bit/64 bit)


Product name2D3D
DS812SR Download Download
DS812SLR Download Download
DS812SFR Download Download
DS812SFLR Download Download
DS812S VR Download Download

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Product nameJapaneseEnglishRemarks
DS812S□□R Download Download -
DS812S□□R5 Download Download -
MGS USB Gauge Monitor Download Download For software ver1.3

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DS812S SeriesJapaneseDS812S Catalog JapanesePDF
DS812S SeriesEnglishDS812S Catalog EnglishPDF

*Please contact us if you cannot download the file.



Product name Language Software Version
MGS USB Gauge Monitor Japanese Download V1.3.0.1
MGS USB Gauge Monitor English
Product name Language Software Version
Sample Program(Excel VBA, JScript) Japanese Download V1.1.7472
Sample Program(Excel VBA, JScript) English Download V1.1.7472

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