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DK830SDigital Gauge

DK830 Digital Gauge
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High accuracy, 30mm stroke, and slim gauges for installation on machine.

  • Measuring range: 30mm
  • High accuracy: 1.3μm(DK830SR/SLR), 1.7μm(DK830SVR)
  • Maximum resolution: 0.1μm
  • High response speed: 80m/min
  • Built-in reference point
  • Spline design applied to spindle bearings, thus improving reproduction of the detection accuracty.
  • Pneumatic push type(DK830SVR)



*1 Except interpolation box and connector

*2 Bellows set(Option accessory)

*3 Except cable and interpolation box Note4: According to the evaluation method of Magnescale.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Measuring range30 mm
Resolution0.1 μm
Acucracy(at 20゜C / 68°F)1.3 μm1.7 μm
Measuring force
  • Upperward: 0.5 ±0.35 N
  • Horizontal: 0.6 ±0.35 N
  • Downward: 0.7 ±0.35 N
  • Air presser 0.07 Mpa 1.9 N or less for all diection
  • Air presser 0.09 Mpa 2.6 N or less for all diection
Operating temperture0~50゜C
Strage temperture−20~60゜C
Maximum response speed80 m/min
Reference point response speed80 m/min
Air drivingnonPneumatic push type
Reference point positionOne point at 1mm spindle move
Protective design grade (*1)IP53IP53/IP67 (*2)
Vibration resistance10~2kHz 100 m/s2
Impact resistance1000 m/s2 11 ms
Cable lengthApprox. 2.4 m
Diameter of stemφ8
FeelerProvided with a carbide tip, Mounting screw M2.5
Power supply voltageDC 5 V±5 %
Power consumption1 W
Mass (*3)Approx. 70 gApprox. 80 g
OutputA/B/REF voltage-differential line driver output (compliant with EIA-422)
Achieved number of strokes30 million or more10 million or more
Output cable length(up to the electronic section)22 m MAX
AccessiriesSpanner, Instruction manual, Supplimanet, +P M4x5 screw(2 pcs.)


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