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BH200 Laserscale
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Compact, reflective rotary Laserscale featuring high accuracy, high resolution, and high-speed response, Ideal for high-resolution angle measuring in HDD manufacturing equipment and precision measuring instruments

  • High resolution and high response speed(signal wavelength : 250nm)
  • Clock generator from 10 to 200 MHz
  • 907,200 pulses/Rotation (r=36mm)
  • Completely non-contact remote head
  • Available with reference point (BH200-RE) and without reference point (BH200-NE)


  • ※1 Reference point signal is asynchronous to CLK, 1/2CLK and 1/4CLK signals. Detection is unidirectional.
  • ※2 1/2 or 1/4 signals to CLK signal frequency. No output with input frequency of 50MHz or less. 1/2 CLK and 1/4 CLK signals cannot be used simultaneously with CLK signal.
  • ※3 Jitter of CLK signal: Pulse duration variation at 1000 pulses(3 p-p). Measured by inspection equipment at Magnescale Corporation.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Reference point※1Single point(unidirectional detection)None
Reference point detection directionSingle direction
Light sourceSemiconductor laser Wavelength 790nm 6mWor less
Pulse number/scale radius907,200pulse scale detection radius 36.1mm
Detection methodGrating interferometer
Operating temperature10℃~30℃(head) 0℃~50℃(interpolation part)
Storage temperatureiThing to avoid high humidity there is no 10℃-50℃ be dewy
Maximum response speed13,000min-1
Head angular tolerancePitching±10min(output±40%or less)
Azimuth±10min(output±40%or less)
Rolling±10min(output±40%or less)
Head position tolerance△X±70μm(output±40%or less)
△Y±70μm(output±40%or less)
△Z±50μm(output±40%or less)
Output signalCLK signal(LVDS), 1/2 or 1/4 CLK signal(LVDS)※2
Input signalSwitch over 1/2 or 1/4(TTL)
Power supplyDC±5V(±5%)
Maximum power consumptionDC+5V: 400mA, DC-5V: 200mA
Jitter (target)※30.5nsec(@5,000rpm)
Optical fiber minimum bending radius50mm


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