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BH20 Laserscale
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Compact, reflective rotary Laserscale featuring high accuracy, high resolution and high response speed. Ideal for high-resolution angle measuring in HDD manufacturing equipment, precision measuring instruments, and aspheric surface processing machines.

  • Signal pitch : 250nm
  • High response speed : 1,800mm/s (When using analog output),
    700mm/s(When connected with BD96)
      160 min-1 (when using r=41mm scale)
      555 min-1 (when using r=12mm scale)
  • High resolution : 4,194,304,000 pulses/rotation
     (when using r=41mm scale, divisions=4000)
      3.09 x 10-4s
  • Available with/without reference point
  • Thin head with thickness of 12mm
  • Interpolators with various resolutions and output modes available (BD96)
  • Special vacuum-compatible models available


Detector head Specifications
Detection principleDiffraction grating scanning system
Light source Semiconductor laser : Wavelength 790nm, Output 6mW
Signal pitch250nm
Reference pointWith reference pointNone
Reference point detection directionSingle directionNone
Max. response speed700mm/s(When connected with BD96)
Operating temperature 10 to 30˚C (No condensation)
Storage temperature 0 to 50˚C (No condensation)
Signal scale (BE10) Specifications

(*1) When using cable length 1m and Analog output. However, the Max.response speed is limited depending on the cable length.

* When the scale and the detector head are purchased separately, signal adjustment is required.

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Detection radius12.032mm27.073mm36.097mm 41.723mm
External formInternal diameter8.5mm37mm57mm68mm
External diameter27mm60mm78mm89mm
Grating pitch1.0μm
Number of output pulse
of one rotation
Max. response speed (*1)1,428 min-1634 min-1476 min-1411 min-1


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