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BD96 Laserscale
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Minimum resolution of 17pm when combined with the BS series. Supporting various serial and binary outputs.

  • Minimum resolution :
    0.4nm (When connected with BL series)
    31pm (When connected with BH series)
    17pm (When connected with BS series)
  • High response speed :
    1,100mm/s (When connected with BL series)
     700mm/s (When connected with BH series)
     400mm/s (When connected with BS series)
  • Various serial or binary outputs
  • Includes automatic signal compensation
  • A/B quadrature output (standard : 4 divisions) (binary output axis 1 or 2 type)
     BS series : 34.5nm, BH series : 62.5nm, BL series : 100nm
  • Max. divisions : 8000 (When connected with BS and BH series) (special model)
  • *Please inquire about various specifications, such as the number of divisions.


Resolution 17pm (When connected with BS series), 31.25pm (When connected with
BH series), 0.4nm (When connected with BL series)
Max. response speed400mm/s (When connected with BS series), 700mm/s (When connected with
BH series), 1,100mm/s (When connected with BL series)
Max. divisions025 : 256, 051 : 512, 040 : 400, 050 : 500, 100 : 1000, 200 : 2000,
400 : 4000 (special model 800: 8000 divisions)
AlarmWhen exceeding the max. response speed or when the laser signal level is too low (disconnection ); LED lights up
Input signal compensationDC offset, amplitude, phase
Power supplyDC +5V±5% DC +12V±5% DC -12V±5%
Power consumption
(When connected with scale)
DC +5V : 0.4A DC +12V : 0.4A DC -12V : 0.2A ( 1 axes type )
DC +5V : 0.4A DC +12V : 0.7A DC -12V : 0.5A ( 2 axes type )
Operating temperature 0 to +40˚C
Storage temperature-10 to +50˚C
Dimensions236 (W) x 215.2 (D) x 48 (H)mm
Mass Approx. 1.6kg

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.


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BD96 SeriesJapaneseBD96 Catalog Japanese PDF
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