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Dec. 12, 2018

Release of NEW Laserscale lineup
Linear encoder system BL50H series

Magnescale Co., Ltd. releases the new linear encoder system BL50H series in March, 2019.
BL50H follows grating interferometer principle of Laserscale and achieves 5m/s response speed at maximum with 6.1pm highest resolution. It inherits other advantages of Laserscales such as significantly wide angular tolerance, fine interpolation accuracy, low noise level and constant stand still stability in a compact design with a new long-life laser diode. Reflective type scale can fit into limited mounting area, consisting of the lineup of 1D/1.5D/2D. With the combination of BD700 interpolator introduced at the same time, this new encoder system enables communication via various protocols and compensation on accumulated accuracy. BL50H series provides diverse solutions to the whole process of semiconductor manufacturing equipments, as the linear encoder from high speed stage control to fine process control at pico meter level, in addition as the high resolution tilt sensor on a tilt stage.


Product Release DateMarch 29th, 2019

BL50H Dimensions

BL50H Specifications

Feature Reflective type Laserscale, Atmospere or Vaccum
Thermal expansion coefficient of a scale ZERO: 1×10-7 or less or Eagle XG: 4×10-6
Max measuring length: 1D ZERO: 960mm or Eagle XG: 1400mm
Width 15mm (standard) or 10mm(slim)
Max measuring length: 1.5D ZERO: 850mm or Eagle XG: 850mm
Max measuring area: 2D ZERO: 500×600mm or Eagle XG: 500×600mm
Reference point detection One direction
Accuracy ±1μm or ±3μm
Signal pitch 400nm
Highest resolution 6.1pm (with BD700)
Interpolation accuracy ±50pm (with BD700)
Output signal Analog 1Vp-p, Serial(Yaskawa, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Magnescale), A/B phase, USB
*Parallel output available for serial, A/B phase and analog
*Planned to support each serial communication
Max response speed 3.2m/s (5m/s possible as a special model)
Liner encoder system (1D) Encoder system for linear plus tilt detection (1.5D) Two dimensions encoder system (2D)

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