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Mar. 27, 2020

COVID-19: Magnescale Americas Inc. Office Closing - Amendment

Due to the ongoing developments from the COVID-19 virus, we are forced to keep the Magnescale Americas office in Irvine, CA closed as CA state order. Although we had planned to resume our normal business on April 1st, 2020, this will have to be postponed until April. 17th, plan to resume on April 20th.

Our regional managers will also be still be available via phone and email, so please feel free to contact them with any questions:

Brian Morachis Steve Petrillo Ben Pascucci
Regional Manager, DRO and Gauge Products Sales Sales and Marketing Manager,
Feedback and Laserscale (West)
Regional Manager
Feedback and Laserscale (East)
Cell: (702) 375-7450 Cell: (972) 523-7991 Cell: (603) 505-0893

For up to date information on the latest COVID-19 developments, please refer to the CDC's COVID-19 page:

If you have any specific questions regarding our COVID-19 response plan, please forward them to the compliance department of DMG MORI: