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September 28th, 2017

M-Tech 2017 Exhibition

On October 4-6, 2017 at INTEX Osaka

Hall 4 15-59

Magnescale Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting at “The 20th M-Tech Kansai” (at Intex Osaka), which takes place over a three-day period from October 4th to 6th, 2017.

Our booth will feature our SmartSCALE linear encoder, which performs to 5nm resolution without the necessity of air-purge systems, and a wide variety of ‎built-in sensors. Our new “DS800S” series of digital gauges allows for data acquisition to PC directly through a simple USB connection. We will also show our ultra-high accuracy rotary encoder that is equipped with self-calibration to ensure high angle accuracy.

We are looking forward to your visit.


Date10:00~18:00 on Oct. 4(Wed)-5(Thu), 2017
10:00~17:00 on 6(Fri), 2017
Venue INTEX Osaka
Space 30m2
M-Tech 2017 Official website

Main Exhibits

Main Products Exhibited

Products nameFeatures
Magnescale DK800S Series
DS800S Series
Other related products
Presenting our line of high accuracy digital gauges that feature high durability and smooth spindle motion in a slim, compact design that also supports Industry 4.0/IoT network systems. We will also present new DS800S Series which is directly connectable to a PC through USB.
Digital Gauge SmartSCALE
SmartSCALE featuring high reliability and strong resistance to harsh environments (coolants, oil, water, sludge, or metal chips) with no air purge required.
Laserscale BE300 / BH300 Ultra-high accuracy self-compensating rotary encoder for angle calibration with 0.2 arcsec accuracy.

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