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Oct. 1st, 2015

MECT 2015 Exhibition

On Oct. 21st - 24th, 2015 Port Messe Nagoya

Building No. 2 A12

Magnescale Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting at “MECT 2015”, which takes place over a four-day period from Oct. 21-24. Visitors to our booth can see the all new SmartSCALE lineup which achieves 5nm resolution as well as our high durability and high accuracy digital gauges and Laserscale lineup with the highest resolution in the world. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you.


Date10:00 -17:00 on Oct. 21(Wed) and 22(Thu)
10:00-19:00 on Oct. 23(Fri)
10:00-16:00 on Oct. 24(Sat)
Venue Port Messe Nagoya Building 2 A12
Space 90m2
MECT 2015 official website

Main Exhibits

Main Products Exhibited

Products nameType of device exhibited
Magnescale (NEW) SmartSCALE Magnescale launched best in class 5nm resolution Magnescale with IP67 rating that does not require air purging. Provides a compact & open type scale which decrease mechanism elements.
Linear absolute Magnescale Magnescale magnetic scale lineup which employs a magnetic detection principle that is resistant to the effect of condensation, shock, vibration and temperature change.
(NEW) Geared type ring encoder Geared type ring encoder that detects the angle position of motors with high response. This can be operated in harsh environments with operation temperature up to 100 degrees and highly protected against dust and water.
Rotary Magnescale Magnescale Rotary Magnescale lineup including an easy to install small unit type and easy handling hollow shaft open type.
Digital Gauge Magnescale high accuracy, high durability and slim digital gauge lineup. We offer network supporting products for IoT systems.
Laserscale The Laserscale achieved 8pm resolution has new model which higher resolution and 2.4m length encoder. Self-compensating 2D Laserscale and ultra-high resolution non-contact displacement sensor will be exhibited.

Booth image

Booth image

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