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Oct. 17th, 2013

MECT 2013

10:00~17:00 on Oct. 23rd-26th, 2013
Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya Int’l Exhibition Hall)

Building No.2, D17

Magnescale Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting at “MECT 2013: MECHATRONICS TECHNOLOGY JAPAN 2013 (Nagoya, Japan), which takes place over a four-day period from Oct 23rd to Oct 26th. Visitors to our booth will see a lineup of digital gauges including absolute Magnescale lineup which realizes environmental resistance in world highest level and Digital Gauge products with high rigidity and high precision which are suitable for measurement in the field of automobile and aircraft industries, and Laserscale lineup with the highest resolution in the world. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you.


Date10:00-17:00 on Oct. 23rd (Wed) and 24th (Thu), 2013
10:00-19:00 on Oct. 25th (Fri), 2013
10:00-16:00 on Oct. 26th (Sat), 2013
Venue Port Messe Nagoya (Nagoya Int’l Exhibition Hall) Building No.2, D17
Space 90㎡
MECT2013 official website

Main Exhibits

  1. Actual Magnescale demonstration which boasts high resistance to condensation and oil
  2. Linear feedback encoder compatible with a wide choice of communication protocols from various controller makers
  3. New digital gauge, “Tough Sensor” with high rigidity, high-precision and extremely compact shape
  4. Digital gauge lineup including, high rigidity Digital Gauge “DK-S series”
  5. Laserscale lineup leading next generation of nano technology

Main Products Exhibited

Products nameModel
MagnescaleSR27A (NEW) SR67A (NEW) GB-ER Series
Rotary Magnescale RU97 (NEW) RU77 RS97 (NEW)
Digiruler SL130 SL710 PL20C
Digital Gauge system DF800S (NEW) MF10 (NEW) DK800S Series
DK Series DT Series LT Series
MG 10・20・30 Series MG40 Series  
Laserscale BF1 (NEW) BE100 (NEW) BS78


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