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Mar. 25, 2013

Product launch: Tough Sensor

On March 25, 2013, Magnescale (President Toru Fujimori) officially launched a new product known as the “Tough Sensor” which provides high durability and high precision in an extremely slim form factor. The “Tough Sensor” is a combination of a high precision Digital gauge (DF805S/ DF812S) and a compact Digital Tolerance Indicator (MF10) intended to connect directly to a PLC for Go/No Go applications.

The digital gauge (DF805S/812S) has an 8mm body, is available in measurement ranges of 5mm and 12mm, and has achieved 60 million strokes in testing. The Digital Tolerance Indicator (MF10) features easy to use Go/No Go functions and limit switch capability, combined with a space-saving 10mm thick body for easy installations.

Structure of Tough Sensor


Digital Gauge(DF805S Serires / DF812S Series)


DF805SR / DF805SFR5mm Straight type / 5mm Straight flange type
DF805SLR / DF805SFLR5mm Right-angle type / 5mm Right-angle flange type
DF812SR / DF812SFR12mm Straight type / 12mm Straight flange type
DF812SLR / DF812SFLR12mm Right-angle type / 12mm Right-angle flange type


Longer life spanHighly stable mechanical structure has achieved strong durability, withstanding 60 million cycles.
PreciseHigh precision measurement with 0.1um resolution
Compact sizeSpace-saving slim body, Φ8mm
Environmental resistanceMagnetic scale structure allows resistance to moisture.
CableHigh-Flex cable, which achieved 10 million flexures under specific test condition defined by Magnescale Co, Ltd.


Measuring range5mm/12mm
Maximum response speed80m/min
Built-in reference pointSpindle movement within 1mm±0.5mm
Achieved number of strokes60 million strokes *Under specific test conditions defined by Magnescale Co, .Ltd
Protection gradeIP67 * When Right-angle type is mounted with hose elbow and air tube.
Vibration20~2,000Hz 100m/s2
Shock1,000m/s2 11ms

Digital Tolerance Indicator(MF10 Series)


MF10-P1NPN output type
MF10-P2PNP output type


Ease of useSimple settings make operating easy. Threshold can be set by two clicks.
Compact sizeThickness of 10mm. DIN rail mounting system provides space-savings even when using multiple axes.
Multi limit switchAs well as tolerance judgment function, it can be used as a stepless limit switch in a measuring range.
White LED displayEasy-to-see white LED has improved visibility.


Input/output circuitNPN output(Current sink) / PNP output(Current source)
Control output2
External input1
Minimum display unit0.1μm
Power supply voltage10 to 30VDC, including ripple(p-p) 10%
Protection circuitPower supply reverse polarity protection, output short-circuit protection, and output incorrect connection protection
Number of banks4

Connection cable(CE34 Series)



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