Magnescale Co., Ltd. || Magnescale(R), Laserscale(R), Digital Gauge

Aug. 8th, 2012

AMB Exhibition
(International exhibition for metal working)

9:00-18:00 (Final day 9:00-17:00) on Sep 18-22, 2012
Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre (Germany)


Magnescale Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting at AMB 2012 (Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre, Germany) which is scheduled to be held for 5 days from September 18 to 22. Our booth will feature various developments such as absolute Magnescale compatible with communication protocols of various controllers, high durability digital gauge employing ball spindle bearing design, digiruler compatible with various serial communication protocols for machine tools industry and automobile industry. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.

Main Exhibits

  1. Absolute Magnescale compatible with communication protocols of various controller manufacturers
  2. High durability digital gauge achieved over 30 million strokes
  3. Digiruler compatible with serial communication protocols of several amplifier manufacturers
  4. Industry leading Line-up of Laserscale for nano technology applications

*In addition, we will also offer demonstration using actual equipment.

Main Products Exhibited

Products nameModel
Absolute MagnescaleSR27 (NEW)SR67 (NEW)SR85
Magnescale GB-ER SJ700ALH71
Absolute rotary Magnescale RS97 (NEW)RU97 (NEW)
Digiruler SL110SL130SL720
PL20C PL101 PL101-R
Digital gauge DK800S (NEW)DK830SDK800
DK25NR5 DK50NR5 DT512P
DT32P MG41 MG42
LT30 LT11A
Laserscale BS78BH25BL57


Booth image

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