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June 1, 2012

DK 800S series high durability digital gauges

On May 31, 2012, Magnescale Co., Ltd. officially launches 32 new models of the digital gauge DK805S/812S series to replace DK805/812 series. By employing high durability mechanical structure, its sliding performance has improved dramatically up to 30million strokes. The new line-up also offers robust models achieving protection grade IP67 for harsh workshop condition.

New DK805S/812S gauges assure precise measurement for diverse applications and equipments.


5mm stroke
Straight/high resolutionDK805SAR/DK805SBR/DK805SAFR/DK805SBFR
Straight/standard resolutionDK805SAR5/DK805SBR5/DK805SAFR5/DK805SBFR5
Right angle/high resolutionDK805SALR/DK805SBLR/DK805SAFLR/DK805SBFLR
Right angle/standard resolutionDK805SALR5/DK805SBLR5/DK805SAFLR5/DK805SBFLR5
12mm stroke
Straight/high resolutionDK812SAR/DK812SBR/DK812SAFR/DK812SBFR
Straight/standard resolutionDK812SAR5/DK812SBR5/DK812SAFR5/DK812SBFR5
Right angle/high resolutionDK812SALR/DK812SBLR/DK812SAFLR/DK812SBFLR
Right angle/standard resolutionDK812SALR5/DK812SBLR5/DK812SAFLR5/DK812SBFLR5


High resolutionMaximum resolution: 0.1μm
High accuracy1μm (0.1μm at resolution)
High response speed80 m/min (0.1μm resolution model)
BearingImproved sliding durability by ball spline structure
High durability(slide repetitions)30 million strokes (under specific test conditions defined by Magnescale Co, .Ltd.)
Protection gradeCompatible with IP67 (limited to right angle type with air tube)


Measuring range5mm/12mm
Maximum resolution0.1μm
Built-in reference point1mm from the end of the probe
Output signalA/B phase / reference point: Voltage differential line driver(EIA-422 compliant)
Power supplyDC 5V ±5%
Power consumption1W
Stem diameterΦ8
TemperatureOperating temperature: 0 to 50℃ / Storage temperature -20 to 60℃
Protection gradeIP67(limited to right angle type with air tube)/IP66(straight type)
Vibration resistance20 to 2,000Hz 100m/s2
Shock resistance1,000m/s2 11ms

Product release date

May 31, 2012

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