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RS310 Magnescale
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Rotary scale for feedback applications

  • Magnetic principle
  • Excellent resistance to workshop conditions.
  • Resistant to oil, dirt and vibrations.
  • Thin design
  • Directly mountable onto a machine's rotary shaft. Large-diameter scale drum that can be used for large-sized machines such as turning centers.
  • Easy installation
  • Noncontact. Clearance: 0.1 mm/ 0.004''



*1 RS310-1800A Cumulative pitch error will be less than 7.2" with circumference eccentricity of 3 μm More eccentricity
*2 3.6" interpolation error for 1.5% of PM signal ripple

Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

No. of reader heads1
No. of recorded waves0.32mm
Recorded wave length1800λ/rotation
Maximum resolution0.001°
Clearance100μm~110μm(Set at factory shipping)
Cumulative pitch accuracy*17.2″(Set at factory shipping)
Interpolation accuracy*23.6″(interpolation error for 1.5% of PM signal ripple)
Allowable scale drum runout*1Keep to min. at installation
Allowable head mounting face flatness5μmor less(No burs or unevennesses)
Allowable residual machine magnetism0.25mT(with fluctuate magnetic field)
Mechanical allowable revolution7000min-1
TemperatureOperating:0℃~40℃ Storage:-10℃~50℃
Scale drumDimensionsφ183.4×φ121×16mm(Outer dia . x inner dia. x thickness)
Mounting pitch diaφ132mm
MassApprox. 1.6kg
Moment of inertia1.12×10-2 kgm2
Diameter excl. cable guidemax.Approx. φ235mm(excl. cable unit)
Reader headsMassApprox. 0.12kg
Cable lengthApprox. 300mm


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