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DS805SDigital Gauge

DS805S Digital Gauge
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Easily connectable to a PC or powered USB hub. Slim 8mm body with 0.1 μm maximum resolution, and 80m/min maximum response speed.

  • Measuring range: 5mm
  • Accuracy: 1 μm (0.1 μm resolution), 1.5 μm (0.5 μm resolution)
  • Maximum resolution: 0.1 μm
  • Maximum response speed: 80 m/min
  • Built-in reference point
  • Excellent resistance to harsh environments
  • Flex resistant cable
  • 270 million strokes (As of May 2019, the gauges have reached 270 million strokes in an on going evaluation.)
  • Measurement software, USB drivers and software development files (OCX, Jscript, Excel VBA, etc.) available for download



Magnescale reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

Model nameDS805S□□RDS805S□□R5
Measuring range DS805S : 5 mm
Resolution 0.1 μm 0.5 μm
Accuracy(at 20°C)1 μm 1.5 μm
Measuring force
(at 20°C)
Upward DS805S:0.35±0.25 N
Horizontal DS805S:0.40±0.25 N
Downward DS805S:0.45±0.25 N
Reference point1mm from extended position
Protection grade
(not including cable
and interpolation box)
IP67 (with air connected on right angle models)
Vibration resistance 100m/s2 (20Hz to 2kHz)
Impact resistance1,000m/s2 (11ms)
Operating temperature0 to +50℃(No condensation)
Storage temperature-20 to +60℃(90%RH or less)
Power supply5 VDC ± 5%
Power consumption 120mA Max.
Mass(Probe)Approximately 30g
Cable length Gauge⇔Interpolator : 2 m Interpolator⇔USB : 0.5 m
FeelerCarbide ball tip, mounting screw M2.5 Steel ball tip, mounting screw M2.5
Communication InterfaceUSB2.0FS
Recommended system
CPU : Intel Core i3 or higher
RAM : 1 GB or more
OS : Windows7, Windows10(32 bit/64 bit)


Product name2D3D
DS805SR Download Download
DS805SLR Download Download
DS805SFR Download Download
DS805SFLR Download Download

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Product nameJapaneseEnglishRemarks
DS805S□□R Download Download -
DS805S□□R5 Download Download -
MGS USB Gauge Monitor Download Download For software ver1.0

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DS805S SeriesJapaneseDS805S Catalog JapanesePDF
DS805S SeriesEnglishDS805S Catalog EnglishPDF

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Product name Language Software Version
MGS USB Gauge Monitor Japanese - -
MGS USB Gauge Monitor English Download V1.0.1.2
Product name Language Software Version
Sample Program(Excel VBA, JScript) Japanese Download V1.1.7472
Sample Program(Excel VBA, JScript) English Download V1.1.7472

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